We’ll get you the most suitable motor vehicle finance package for your needs

There are many ways you can finance a motor vehicle. The right way depends on your particular circumstances and the type of vehicle you are buying.

Whether you are buying a vehicle for your business, or for yourself, some things you must consider before you buy and finance a motor vehicle are:

  • Is it new or used?
  • Is it coming from a private sale, a dealer, or auction?
  • Has the vehicle previously been written-off?
  • Is there money owing on the vehicle?
  • What type of contract should you use? (eg lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage, or consumer loan)
  • What is being used as security for the loan?
  • Are the borrowings being drawn from your home loan?
  • Is the interest rate quoted, the real interest rate? You need to be careful when offered what sounds like a really low interest rate.

Hunter Business Finance has the experience to cut through all of these issues and ensure you get the most appropriate motor vehicle finance deal.

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