We do the running around for you, so you can keep working

When buying from a dealer, in most cases they only have access to finance from a single lender (if any) so again they are limited with what they can offer.

Hunter Business Finance is accredited with a large number of leading financiers and major banks and is therefore able to “shop around” to ensure that you obtain the most competitive terms possible. We also have access to a number of second tier lenders for people who may not fit the conventional lenders criteria (including finance for aged goods, new business ventures, and clients with impaired credit).

All of these lenders have different guidelines and criteria, so what one may see as a positive others may not. When organizing your finance we know what to highlight for each particular lender to ensure your finance application is viewed in the most positive light, and has the greatest chance of success.

Hunter Business Finance does this for you while you remain focused on your other business and personal commitments. We understand that people are busy and don’t have time to visit a branch or sit on hold for hours, so let us do it for you. In most cases we can discuss your finance needs over the phone in a single call and then follow up any further details from your Accountant or Financial Advisor on your behalf. Once your finance is approved we can then arrange a time and place that is suitable to you to sign any paperwork.

Once your personal or commercial financial needs are approved and funded, our dedication to you does not end there. We can be contacted at any time to provide copies of contracts, update any details, or obtain payout details throughout the life of the loan.

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