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Complaints Process

Complaints And What To Do

Should the service we have provided not met your expectations and you have a complaint, we have a process to assist you resolve this matter.

1. Talk to us

Please contact us and talk with a staff member and advise them of your complaint. They may be able to resolve the issue immediately. If not, they will refer you to the appropriate person or institution.

2. Dispute Form

If the staff member cannot resolve you complaint informally, then we have a Complaint Form for you submit.

This form will then be reviewed by management and a written response will be available to you , usually within 21 business days, of the date this dispute has been received.

3. External Review of The Decision

If you are unhappy with this decision, you might wish to seek an external review. The external resolution is COSL (Credit Ombudsman Service Limited) at www.cosl.com.au or 1800 138 422.


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